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Joseph is a Designer at CREO with an interdisciplinary background in art, architecture, and entrepreneurship marketing. He is originally from Houston and made the move to San Antonio in June of 2018. He graduated from the University of Houston where he was trained as an Interior Architect and focused on design installations and experiences. Right after graduating from UH he moved to Providence to pursue a Masters of Architecture degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was at RISD where his design skills extended into multi-media work ranging from video to computational media.   

Prior to joining CREO, Joseph was a designer at Studio Luz in Boston, MA focusing on a variety of mixed-use and residential projects. Joseph also worked on brand building where he helped create digital content to be published. Before moving to Rhode Island, Joseph tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and launched a screenprinting and clothing company that he managed for 4 years. Design was a tool and passion that he was able to apply to more than architecture to create art and use in fabrication.

In his spare time, Joseph loves to develop new business ideas and figure out how design can make them better. Most recently, you can find Joseph either filming videos for his Youtube channel or creating theoretical architecture through art.

When Joseph is not creating, he spends his time with his wife and dog. He likes going on adventures, playing sports, and watching good movies.


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